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Many people believe that sedation dentistry is only ideal for those patients suffering from severe anxiety or undergoing only the most complex dental procedures. However, that preconception couldn’t be further from the truth. Today, sedation dentistry is the approach of choice for a number of our patients – for a variety of preventative, restorative and cosmetic procedures. Whether you’re hoping to save time by combining multiple appointments into a single relaxing visit or hoping to remember as little of your appointment as possible, we invite you to contact us today to schedule your consultation.


Utilizing Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists, or CRNA’s, means that your sedation is both administered and monitored by a highly educated professional, making your sedation experience as safe and smooth as possible. That means Dr. Harris can devote his full attention to making your smile beautiful.

Furthermore, CRNA’s can use techniques and medications that will take effect quickly and reduce that “hang-over effect” or grogginess that people may experience with other sedation methods. That means you can have your dental work completed, but not spend an entire day recovering from medications that may take awhile to wear off.

Finally, Greenville Family Dentistry is fully aware that a patient’s time is vitally important. With CRNA’s, Dr. Harris is able to complete more of your dental treatment plan in any single appointment, protecting your valuable time.

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“Anyone who is apprehensive about going to the Dentist needs to make an appointment with Dr. Harris. The friendliest staff in town made me feel comfortable and welcome. Their use of modern technology combined with a non-judgemental, patient-first attitude made my visit a stress free experience.”


How much does Dental Sedation CostSo, let’s address your concerns… How much does all this cost? The simple answer? The same as Dr. Harris doing the sedation without the addition of CRNA’s. Cost can be one of the biggest obstacles about dental treatment and Greenville Family Dentistry will always keep the costs as reasonable as possible. The actual dollar amount for the sedation will depend on how long your dental treatment may take. The good news is that some insurances will cover a portion of the anesthesia, and we will always look into potential coverage for you. Even better, your anesthesia consultation is complimentary. We will be happy to review your medical history with you and tell you how we may can help.

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