• JANUARY 17, 2013
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    Dr. Harris, you might want to check out the ADA’s new website!

    Thank you for letting us know-here is a summary that we found on the ADA website: MouthHealthy.org, the ADA’s new website for consumers, has information you need to take better care of your mouth today so it will take care of you for life. Visit your life stage and find healthy habits, top concerns, nutrition

    • OCTOBER 15, 2012
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    Dr. Harris, why do I need a crown?

    A crown is a resoration that covers, or caps, a tooth to restore it to its normal size and shape. Its purpose is to strengthen or improve the appearance of a tooth. Crowns are placed for a variety of reasons. For example: -Crowns can restore teeth when there isn’t enough tooth remaining to provide support

    • NOVEMBER 12, 2012
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    Dr. Harris, what do you know about smokeless tobacco?

    Smokeless tobacco (also called chewing tabacco, dip, snuff, chew) has over 3,000 chemicals, including 28 cancer causing substances. The nicotine in smokeless tobacco is swallowed  or absorbed through blood vessels in the mouth. Holding an average-sized dip in your mouth for 30 minutes gives you as much nicotine as smoking three cigarettes. Smokeless tobacco can cause

    • NOVEMBER 13, 2012
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    Dr. Harris, what can I do to protect my teeth?

    That is a great question! we found an article on webmd that might help: “You plan meals, grab drinks, and play sports without giving much thought to your teeth. But you might not realize how food, beverages, and activities can wreck the health of your pearly whites. Twenty-five percent of U.S. adults over age 65


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