• OCTOBER 5, 2011
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    Dr. Harris, you’re running a marathon in every state?

    Yep! I just finished numbers 23 and 24 this weekend in New Hampshire and Maine. I did two in one weekend-I know, crazy- and had a PR for two. This was my last state for the year, but I already have Arizona and several others scheduled for 2012. I started running marathons in 2005, and

    • JANUARY 12, 2012
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    Dr. Harris, which marathon are you running this weekend?

    It’s part of the Rock ‘N’ Roll series of marathons, but this one is in Phoenix, Arizona. These marathons are fun because there is live music at every mile, cheerleaders from the local highschools, and a concert at the finish line. (This one is the B-52s!) The weather is predicted to be sunny and 68 degrees, so


We are excited!