Dr. Harris, I’ve heard that you can do a filling for my child with NO SHOT! Is this true?

Yes, it is! Our office has Waterlase MD (laser) that can remove decay without causing the discomfort usually associated with the handpiece. The laser can also preserve more of the tooth structure without heat, vibration, or the risk of cross contamination. (We do usually prefer that children use nitrous in combination with the laser to reduce anxiety and movement during the procedure.)

The laser can also be used for gums, skin, and bone. It is more precise and causes less bleeding.

Please ask us on your next visit what the laser can do for you!

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Coronavirus Update:

Due to the continued concerns over the Covid-19 pandemic, our office will remain closed through May 10th. We will keep you posted with any additional information as it becomes available. If you should have a dental emergency, please call our office for direction.