Extractions With Extra Care

tooth extractions greenville scWhile we generally try to repair or restore teeth if possible, occasionally it is necessary to remove a tooth or several teeth. The reasons for this vary. Making room for orthodontics like braces or removing problematic wisdom teeth are the most common. Other reasons include teeth that are severely damaged from decay or trauma where restoration is not possible.

Regardless of what you may fear or have seen on television and movies, dental extractions do not have to be intensely frightening or painful. Our caring and competent staff at Dr. Roger Harris, III Family Dentistry will do everything we can to make your extraction as low stress and painless as possible.

We use state of the art sedation dentistry techniques to provide a calm and comfortable treatment. After procedures using these techniques many patients don’t even remember much about their experience other than being present, relaxed and well cared for.

Extractions do require a bit more recovery time compared to some other treatments. So we’ll make sure you’re well informed and prepared to make your recovery at home as convenient and worry free as possible, too.

Before any extraction, Dr. Harris and our staff will consult with you regarding all your options and our recommendations. We’ll also discuss how much sedation you prefer in order to make you comfortable. Our goal is for you to remember only how well you were treated.

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“My visit to Dr. Harris’s office was by far the best experience I’ve ever had at a dentist’s office. From the moment I walked through the door, I felt at home. The staff is phenomenal, a top notch bunch of professionals. Julie made me feel very comfortable the whole time. I give them 6 stars for exceeding my expectations!”