• JUNE 22, 2012
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    The Most Confusing Aisle In The Store??

    If you have been shopping for toothpaste lately, you know that it can be very confusing. Unlike the old days when the choices were few, these days it seems that there are way too many options! Whitening toothpastes, tartar control, paste or gel, gum health, desensitizing, – which is best? This is a question we

    • APRIL 24, 2010
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    Teeth Whitening Dentistry To Fix Discolored, Dark Or Stained Teeth.

    Teeth bleaching involves the placement of a bleaching solution on the teeth to eliminate stains and discoloration. The solution is held in place by a custom-made, see-through tray that fits over the teeth – much like a mouthpiece worn by a professional boxer. Bleaching is a safe, effective and relatively easy means of producing a

    • MAY 30, 2012
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    Dr. Harrris, does it matter what kind of toothbrush I use?

    http://www.colgateprofessional.com/patienteducation/Choosing-The-Right-Toothbrush/article With so many shapes, sizes and styles of toothbrushes on the market, deciding which kind to buy can be confusing. Here’s what you should look for: Most dental professionals agree that a soft-bristled brush is best for removing plaqueand debris from your teeth. Small-headed brushes are also preferable, since they can better reach all

    • JANUARY 17, 2013
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    Dr. Harris, you might want to check out the ADA’s new website!

    Thank you for letting us know-here is a summary that we found on the ADA website: MouthHealthy.org, the ADA’s new website for consumers, has information you need to take better care of your mouth today so it will take care of you for life. Visit your life stage and find healthy habits, top concerns, nutrition


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