• JUNE 6, 2013
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    Dr. Harris, I thought you might like to know about Greenville Run for One!

    Thank you for the heads up! We found some information on this; and it sound like a really fun event for a great cause!   Greenville RUN for ONE – June 12, 2013   Boston Red Sox Class A Affiliate Greenville Drive and emediagroup, along with the support of Caine Halter YMCA, Go Magazine, Set

    • JUNE 5, 2013
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    Dr. Harris, did you see this article about flouridation of the water in Portland?

    Yes! It looks like Portland voters have decided to keep their water unflouridated, but not everyone agrees! Here is a sample, but you can read the rest of the article here:  http://www.ada.org/news/8672.aspx “Since the city council approved a fluoridation plan in 2012, a contentious and emotional campaign on both sides of the issue developed, which


We are excited!