• MARCH 7, 2012
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    Dr. Harris, what is a latex allergy?

    According to the ADA, natural rubber latex is a common ingredient found in many consumer products, such as balloons, balls, appliance cords, hoses, hot water bottles, pacifiers, swimwear, toys, tires, condoms, rubber bands and shoes. Latex also can be found in many medical or dental supplies and devices, such as masks, gloves, syringes, catheters, dressings,

    • MARCH 13, 2012
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    Dr. Harris, I found this article about a Spinbrush warning that I thought you would like to see!

    FDA Warning on 39 Million Electric Toothbrushes Serious Face, Mouth Injuries From Arm & Hammer, Crest ‘Spinbrush’ By Daniel J. DeNoon WebMD Health News Reviewed by Laura J. Martin, MD Feb. 17, 2012 — The Spinbrush electric toothbrush — heavily marketed to children — can cause serious face and mouth injuries, the FDA warns. More

    • MARCH 2, 2012
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    Dr. Harris, did you know that a lack of vitamin C in your diet can have an effect on your gums?

    Lack Of Vitamin C Can Promote Gingivitis Gum tissue conditions can have many causes, but don’t forget to consider poor nutrition. Inadequate vitamin C can promote bleeding gums that can develop into gingivitis if left untreated. Vitamin C also helps the body perform maintenance and repair on bones, teeth, and cartilage, and it also helps

    • MARCH 20, 2012
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    Dr. Harris, check out what this article says about jobs in Greenville!

    The survey (conducted by ManpowerGroup) reveals that the metropolitan areas with the most optimistic forecast of all for hiring this spring are Greenville-Mauldin-Easley, S.C., and Knoxville, Tenn. Both regions enjoy a 24% net employment outlook, the percentage of employers that expect to add employees (26% and 25%, respectively) minus the percentage that expect to reduce


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