• JULY 26, 2011
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    Dr. Harris, why is it important to floss between cleanings?

    Flossing removes interproximal dental plaque, which cannot be reached by a toothbrush. By removing the plaque between your teeth you can reduce gingivitis, gingival bleeding, periodontal destruction, the risk of tooth loss, and tooth decay. Flossing on a regular basis will make your cleaning more comfortable and you’ll spend less time in our office. (but

    • JULY 18, 2011
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    Dr. Harris, what’s the scoop on the new office?

    We’re glad you asked! The new office is all about YOU, and was designed to make your visit with us more comfortable! We’re now located at 920 South Batesville Road in Greer, in the Craftsman-style building right next to the Spinx station and car wash. In the lobby, you’ll feel right at home as you


We are excited!