• 01 SEP 11
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    Dr. Harris, I’m scared of the dentist!

    You are not alone! According to www.everyday health.org, up to 15% of Americans avoid the dentist because of fear.

    Not to worry, though, thanks to modern medicine and these tips you’ll have no reason to fear! Everydayhealth.org suggests that you:

    1. Communicate with your dentist (about your fears, what the procedure will involve, etc.)
    2. “Talk” with your hands (decide on signals if you feel pain or have a question since it’s hard to talk with things in your mouth!).
    3. Get distracted (with our flat screen TVs, your IPod, etc.)
    4. Take a break if you need it (just let us know if you’re feeling anxiety and need a break)
    5. Consider medication or sedation dentistry (we can do that, too!)

    Dr. Harris and his staff would love to help you overcome your dental anxiety-call us today! 864.877.9111

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