• 11 SEP 14
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    What is Periodontitis?

    We found a great article on colgate.com about Periodontitis: “Periodontitis is a group of conditions. All of them involve inflammation of the gums and other structures that support the teeth. This disease often starts as gingivitis. Periodontitis is caused by bacteria that attach to the teeth at the gum line and result in an infection.

    • 17 AUG 14
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    What do our patients have to say?

    We’re glad you asked! Check out some recent reviews from our patients:   “After 20 years of not going to a dentist because of fear, your office has done a wonderful job with working with me on overcoming that. I am still somewhat apprehensive about the dentist, but knowing how I am treated while I

    • 25 APR 12
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    Survivor of Oral Cancer


    • 26 AUG 14
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    Sugar Creek Youth Triathlon on Monday!

    Come see us on Labor Day at the Sugar Creek Clubhouse for the Youth Triathlon! We’ll be cheering on the kids and giving out treats, and would love to see you! http://www.sugarcreekfunruns.com/youth_triathlon.html


We are excited!